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Elele Fall Weekend & ALİX AVİEN PARIS

The NG Sapanca event of Elele Magazine on October 10th-11th which celebrated the arrival of fall involved 2 very colorful days with participation of celebrities, influencers and companies active in many different fields ranging from art and astrology to cosmetics, personal care and yoga. As one of the primary sponsors for the event, we were also present to introduce our brand new image to attendees and enliven their day with more color.

Accompanied by the extravaganza of colors in Sapanca, one of the best places where the fall season can be enjoyed, the #EleleFallWeekend program started with a chat session with the famous astrologer Hande Kazanova. After the attendees were provided with jewelry icons representing their zodiac signs, Ms. Hande imparted some information on the reflection of zodiac signs on personality and lifestyle, and answered the questions from the attendees.

During the chat session, it was stated that makeup and a beautiful appearance have a positive effect on a person’s character, and the attendees received makeup with Alix Avien Paris products as well as some tips on how to apply makeup that is suitable for face shape and features. During the application event, the Alix Avien Paris brand communication department shared the brand’s story with the attendees. The Alix Avien Paris manifesto, renewed with the motto #flawlesstouch and stating that how women live and feel matters just as much as how they look, embodies our desire to be right beside happier and freer women as the provider of the finishing touch to their beauty. Therefore we believe it is very important for all women to get to know their physical features better and use cosmetics as an instrument to feel better and more beautiful while listening to, exploring and sharing their inner world to find spiritual happiness and peace.

One of the reasons as to why we wanted to be part of this wonderful event by Elele Magazine was to meet and share an experience with happy women who know what they want and value themselves greatly, and tell them all about the renewed Alix Avien Paris brand. We wish to break new ground in the color cosmetics industry with the new Alix Avien Paris brand which was born as a result of a process in which we spent months on each product, worked closely with the R&D team and scrutinized each and every feature of the products. We expressed our excitement and happiness by stating our wish for each woman who uses our products to adopt the brand as an indispensable part of her life and embrace it as much as we do.

The Alix Avien Paris makeup event was followed by an outdoor movie under the stars, which gave all attendees a night to remember. The viewers enjoyed dance, love and art with Grease, a movie that took them right back to the 80s. We savored the exhilaratingly fresh air of Sapanca to the accompaniment of twinkling stars.

The second day of #EleleFallWeekend started with yoga under the instructions of İpek Darga in the impressive atmosphere of Sapanca. The attendees, who started their day vigorously and in a positive manner with the refreshing effect of yoga, ended the day with walks taken in the enchanting woods of Sapanca.

As the Alix Avien Paris team, we were very happy and proud to have participated in this event. We hope to see you at the next one.

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