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Mono Eyeshadow – 102 Soft Apricot Product Detail #EYES
Mono Eyeshadow – 103 Milky Coffee Product Detail #EYES
Mono Eyeshadow – 104 Spring Blossom Product Detail #EYES
Mono Eyeshadow – 105 Pumpkin Cake Product Detail #EYES
Mono Eyeshadow – 106 Olive Blossom Product Detail #EYES
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It is now time to discover the eyeshadow range of Alix Avien Paris for the most impressive and elegant part of your make up. You are the master of your own gaze with a rich range of intensive colors that can be applied with a single movement of your hand. With the shimmer, matte and glitter finishes of Alix Avien Paris eyeshadow products, you can discover the fascinating world of many colors and reflect the assertiveness of your soul in your eyes! The flawless touch is hidden in the striking color range...