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Effective Role in Skin Health: The Importance of the Moisturizer

Dry skin is a nightmare. It causes problems such as skin loss and irritation, and can lead to negative physiological and psychological results by time. Many factors cause skin dryness, such as temperature and cold balance in the air, sea, wind and weather conditions.

Un-moisturized dry skin can bring many problems such as wrinkles, skin scars, acne and scars. In order to avoid possible skin problems caused by skin dryness, you can focus on using moisturizing products and following a healthy diet.

It is very important to maintain the moisture balance of the skin in daily makeup routines. Dry and irritated skin can cause makeup flaws. In order to maintain the moisture balance of the skin, you can specially include moisturizing products in your daily makeup routine.

Get your paper, pen and mirror, and come along. We will share makeup tips to balance the moisture content of your skin.

Moisturizing Products Recommendations from alİX AVİEN parıs

Do not forget to moisturize your skin before makeup!

To maintain the moisture balance and freshness of your skin, you can use revitalizing effect Primer before make-up. Thanks to the primer, the skin preserves the amount of moisture it needs by being breathable and purified from dead cells.

As Alix Avien Paris, we recommend Luminous Face Primer with its refreshing effect that minimizes the appearance of pores and strengthens their perfection. With its water-based silky and easily absorbed formula, you can maintain the moisture balance by allowing your skin to breathe all day long.

We guide you to maintain your moisture balance!

Moisturizing Starts from Your Skin!

Maintaining the moisture balance of the skin is very important for flawless and perfect make-up appearance. You can use moisturizing BB, CC and Anti-Aging  Foundations in order to prevent dry looking skin.

As Alix Avien Paris family, we recommend BB Cream, which protects the moisture balance of the skin throughout the day. You can always make your skin look healthy and vibrant by using moisturizing foundation that provides a flawless appearance throughout the day by preserving the moisture balance of your skin.

We cannot avoid recommending the groundbreaking Anti-Aging Foundation with its preventive effect on skin imperfections. With the intense vitamin E it contains, you can nourish the skin and help maintain its moisture balance. With the cashmere extras it contains, you can get a tight skin by resisting all the factors of time on the skin. At the same time, you can preserve the moisture of your skin all day long with the 15 SPF effect that protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, which causes dryness.

We guide you, you shine!

Do not forget to moisturize your lips!

The secret to attractive and fascinating lips is to moisturize them enough. You can choose the color that you desire and show the flawlessness of your lips with a soft-textured, moisturizing lipstick.

Even matte lipsticks from Alix Avien Paris have extra moisturizing and do not dry out your lips under any circumstances. We recommend to you the Matte Lipsticks that maintain the moisture in your lips, and preserve their youth and color. You can end lips dryness with different shades options and intense moisturizing!

We guide you to flawless lips!

Do not forget to praise yourself in the mirror!

Remember, “You are perfect and beautiful, and you will always be!”

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