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Flower of the Year: International Women’s Day

Some days of the year are days that blossom. We believe that such days should be adorned with flower gardens and celebrated with passion. The most valuable of the days which deserve flowers is March 8th, International Women’s Day!

Women labor, work, exert themselves, look beautiful, love themselves, give birth, give value, nurse children and make a priceless contribution to the world. Sometimes they start a family, other times they establish a business or just go on and live their lives. Women are able to overcome everything with their innate power.

Do you tell the woman you see in the mirror that you love her? Tell her. Tell her more frequently. You know that she deserves it. You, with your efforts, endeavors, looks and style, are very worthy as a woman.

You always deserve to look beautiful on the blossoming days of the year. On this special day, we are here for you with many recommendations, not so that you can look good to others but so that you can see your own beauty.

Here we go!

Special International Women’s Day Makeup Tips from Alİx Avİen!

See Yourself the Way You Want to Be Seen!

In order to emphasize how special it is to look at the woman you see in the mirror, we will start with revealing the beauty of your eyes. The most important part of makeup is the eyebrows’ glamor and harmony with the eye shape.

For glamorous eyebrows in the right color, we recommend Eyebrow Pencil. You can have both comfort and beauty with the powder content and the striking shades of colors available!

Let the Energy in Your Lips Flow to Your Face!

You can customize your makeup with the shape and color of your lips. Remember, lips with a healthy appearance will represent you and your words much better!

For your lips, where the finishing touch of your makeup occurs, we recommend Glossy Lipstick. You can reveal the harmony in your lips with the warmth and freshness of many shades!

Close Your Eyes, the Radiance Is Inside You!

You want the woman in the mirror to reflect the radiance inside her the moment you close your eyes, right? Who wouldn’t? You can have your eyes look radiant even when they are closed by introducing colors of fitting shades and unique textures to the natural glow of your eyelids.

We recommend the Eyeshadow Palette as the source of radiance. You can use our recommendation to achieve colorful touches and freedom in creating a radiant look. After that, all you have to do is close your eyes!

Bright Touches on Dynamic Lives!

We know that the woman you see in the mirror spreads her radiance all around and decorates life with tiny dreams and hopes. We have a suggestion to add bright touches to unique fantasies.

We highly recommend Alix Avien Highlighter for your skin to reflect the brightness of the sun. With warm shades and perfect suitability for the skin, we have no doubt that Highlighter will become an indispensable makeup product for you.

We know that working, hopeful and passionate women deserve all the beauty in the world and celebrate March 8th, International Women’s Day with flowers and special recommendations.

Remember that you are beautiful in all aspects and also remember to tell the woman in the mirror that she is special.

Don’t forget, “A Flawless You, a Flawless Beauty.”

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