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The Secret Keeper of the Skin: Foundation

In every step of our sparkling and passionate lives, we always want our skin to look flawless. With the right foundation selection, our eye-catching skin with its healthy and vibrant appearance complements our make-up.

Sometimes we make the right choices for our skin, which makes us not believe what we see in the mirror. Making the right foundation choices aim at the perfection of make-up and the healthy appearance of the skin. One thought in the mind and many questions in the heart, “How do we choose the right foundation, how do we apply the foundation?”

Get your paper, pen and mirror, and come aloong. We share foundation secrets for you and for your skin.

FoundatIon Secrets from Alİx Avİen PARIS

Correct Color selection

You chose your foundation, bought it and came home. At the first application, the result: Disappointment! Generally, one of the problems that face us while buying foundation is the wrong choice of the suitable color. Because, as with most make-up materials, we are trying to measure the suitability of the foundation by applying it to our wrists, this is our biggest mistake.

Since our wrists is usually a few shades lighter than our faces, often leads to a mistake in choosing foundation. The space between neck and chin is the most correct place for trying foundation.

Remember, you are perfect in the color that suits you best.

Finding the Right Foundation for your Skin Type

We know that finding the right foundation can be like an impossible mission sometimes. Do not worry, with our pinpoint tips, we save you from the madness of this mission!

The first step to choose the right foundation is to know the type of your skin whether it is dry, oily, or mixed. Accordingly, your foundation choice will be the perfect choice for you.

Dry skin: If the structure of your skin is dry, you should definitely choose a foundation containing moisturizer. At the same time and in order to protect your skin from being damaged, you have to choose a foundation that can provide protection for dry and sensitive skin against external factors.

As the Alix Avien Paris family, we recommend CC Cream foundation for sensitive skin. In this way and with its light and moist texture you can protect your skin from the external factors and maintain the vitality of your skin

Oily skin: If you have oily skin, you should stay away from dewy foundations and choose foundations with powder content that target a matte appearance.

As Alix Avien Paris family, we recommend Matte Foundation foundation for beautiful skin. With its matte texture and powdery formula, you can achieve a matte and healthy appearance throughout the day by preventing your skin from shining.

Combination and Porous Skin: If you have a mixed and porous skin structure, you should avoid bright and dewy foundations that expose your pores.

As Alix Avien Paris family, we recommend Anti-Aging Foundation for the flawlessness and dynamic appearance of the skin. It aims to keep the skin young with its Anti-Aging effect and helps to reduce the age marks. Anti-Aging Foundation, which is also rich in vitamin E, helps your skin maintain its moisture balance.

Remember, you are perfect with what suits your skin best!

We shared with you tips about the tips for choosing the right foundations that help the skin to look flawless and vibrant, and the special secrets of Alix Avien Paris. You can choose the perfect one for your skin by paying attention to your foundation choices.

Do not forget to make the face you see in the mirror feel its value, perfection and love.

Remember, “You are beautiful and you will always be!”

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