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Flawless Foundation Application tips from ALİX AVİEN PARIS

In every step of our sparkling and passionate lives, we always want our skin to look flawless. With the right foundation selection, our eye-catching skin with its healthy and vibrant appearance complements our make-up. Sometimes we make the right choices for our skin, which makes us not believe what we see in the mirror.

You can appear flawless with a single touch, by choosing the most fitting foundation for your skin and by using the right application method.

Bring your mirror, foundation, brushes and sponges. This time we are sharing handy practical tips with you!

Flawless Foundation Application steps from Alİx Avİen parIs

Step One: Clean the base

The first step to a flawless foundation is a clean and fresh skin. First, wash your face well and do your daily care routines. Moisten your skin with a moisturizer that you frequently use and remove dead skin. If you have skin pore issues, you can use Alix Avien Paris Luminous Face Primer to prevent skin imperfections before foundation application.

If you can see moisturized and healthy skin in the mirror, then you can proceed to the second step.

Step two: Right formula and Correct Color

Before applying, you have to be sure that you chose the right texture and the perfect shade for your skin. If your skin is dry, you can choose foundations with moisturizing, if it is oily pick the powdery type, and if it is mixed, choose mat foundation in order to hide your pores.

The color of the foundation is one of the most important factors. For right foundation color choice. You can use the area between your neck and chin to make the right decision.

If you see a foundation color that matches your skin tone in the mirror, then you can move on to the third step.

 Step three: The brushes mystery

While applying foundation, you should pay attention for choosing the perfect brush for your. You can try Alix Avien Paris Foundation Brush, which can give you very successful and even results.  It is easy and practical, and we are sure it will be your indispensable choice.

If you can see an even foundation layer in the mirror, then you can move on to step four.

 Step four: Sit it!

It is very important to maintain a foundation permanent the whole daylong. If you completed the foundation application and your whole make-up steps; we as Alix Avien Paris, recommend to you Make-Up Fixing Spray for long lasting make-Up. With its stabilizer and comforting formula, you can enjoy permanent makeup all day long!

If you see a flawless and confident face in the mirror, do not forget to tell yourself you are perfect.

Remember, “You are perfect, Beautiful and you will always be!”

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