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Time Travel in Beauty: The Trends of Future Makeup

With every single passing year, we leave behind different fashion habits and trends. The pandemic, technology transformations and many other factors contribute to shaping the trends in our lives.

For example, during the pandemic, the feeling of longing for nature and the entertainment chasing that increases day by day have been reflected in trends. The changing was obvious especially in make-up trends. Calmer and more natural looks replaced the excitement of strong bold make-up styles, which used to be very trendy before the pandemic.

Calmness is not always simplicity, we have our assertion!

In the cold and calm days of the first months of 2021, while experiencing the last moments of the pandemic, we wanted to take a look at the makeup trends of the future together. Get your tea or coffee, come. Let’s start evaluating the trends together.

Future Makeup trends from Alİx Avİen parıs

The future makeup trends will have some of today’s search for naturalness. Long lasting makeup products which give pure and simple beauty will be in the front.  At the same time, with the continuation of the technology revolution, the “supernatural” make-up effects will attract attention as well as natural ones. The refore, we will see neon colors in the future as much as we did in the past!

Time to Wild and Steady Eyebrows

In the past, thin and straight eyebrows have been replaced with more natural and thicker eyebrows. We know that the “do, go” logic will rule in the future. This ruling will be reflected in make-up trends, especially in trends that are focusing on naturalness without ruining the natural look. Combed and fixed eyebrows embody the wild spirit of femininity, and emphasis the natural look at the same time.

The future eyebrow trend: Natural, feminine and determined eyebrows!

Apple Cheeks, Removing notable Contours

In future makeup trends where naturalness rules day by day, notable face contours will be replaced by natural pink blusher shades that will show the beauty of your cheeks. Facial contours, which are generally used to refine facial contours and define shapes, will be replaced by flawless warm blusher tones.

The trend of the future face Bright cheeks like apples!

Colorful Eyeliner Lines

Colorful eyeliner tones are especially noticeable in eye make-up, where there are breezes of technology age as well as naturalness. If you are looking forward to show the eye color, you will love the future makeup trends! Navy blue, purple, pink, green are in the future makeup trends where sparkling and colorful eyeliner colors will be trendy… apply whatever you want…and stretch it!

Speaking of stretch; In the future, long eyeliner tails will be the complement of makeup as if there is no tomorrow. Without fear, stretch it out!

The future eyeliner trend: Colorful and long Eyeliner Lines!

Natural Kisses with tiny ones

Lips, which are complementary to make-up, take their share of the future makeup trends and keep up with the dose of naturalness and energy. Matte lipsticks are replaced by shiny ones; and dark colors are replaced by nude shades, because fresh and healthy looks draw attention.

“What if I can’t give up on red?” I can hear the passionate woman saying. Don’t worry, red lipstick never goes out of style. We leave our hearts to red lipsticks that harmonize with warm toned make-up.

The future lipstick trend: Bright and natural lipsticks!

Fun nails

We already see that the nails, which have their share of the makeup trends of the coming years, are already clear and vibrant tones. Nail art will also become indispensable for nude nails, to suite the energetic and vibrant tones trends. We can tell you that the Emoji’s and blended fine lines that reflect your bold and free attitude will be very trendy!

The future nails trend: Energetic colors and vibrant emoji’s!

We mentioned the make-up trends that managed to take place in our lives in every New Year we entered. We guide you, you have the future!

Do not forget to tell the person you see in the mirror that you are always beautiful and you will always be.

Remember, “You are perfect, Beautiful and you will always be!”

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