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Alix Avien Paris established in 1997 in Paris, is a Turkey-based cosmetic brand.

The brand, which was active in many regional markets for many years, has been gone through restructurings within 2020 leaded by a new management to grow rapidly despite the challenging conditions due to the pandemic situation.


Our main goal is to move Alix Avien Paris to the leader position within the global brands.

Currently presented in 30 countries by acting in different regions of Turkey, Middle East, Europe and South America, we aim to meet our products with makeup lovers in different parts of the world by the end of 2022.

Our plan for the next 2 years includes reaching a total of 100 shops in 50 different countries and making Alix Avien Paris a color cosmetics brand known by the entire world.


It is neither as sharp as black nor as tender as white.

It is gray. The one who matches every color and gives the freedom to “be itself”. Neither too soft nor too hard. Mediator, impartial and inspiring. Clear, timeless and classy.

Gray, the combination of light and dark, meets in the art of makeup with its most aesthetic identity. Alix Avien Paris makes GRAY irreplaceable at every stage of the beauty journey while using the power of this color that fulfill all expectations.

You are the origin of your beauty. Alix Avien Paris underlines your uniqueness with gray, without any boundaries in makeup and colors. Offering a flawless touch thanks to its luxury codes, Alix Avien Paris passionately emphasizes its independent characteristic with GRAY.

For Alix Avien Paris, how you live and how you feel are more important than anything. Gray Line is suitable for every mood and style of your life accompanying you wherever and whenever you want!

You are always in the center of beauty with Alix Avien Paris without any limits and standards in the concept of beauty. GRAY tells you to be yourself. Step into the Alix Avien Paris’ new world and write your own story that begins with the power of GRAY.

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