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Make-Up Brush Cleaning Spray


Residues on make-up brushes induce many skin problems.

Uncountable skin issues may be caused by dirty make-up brushes. No need to constantly purchase new makeup brush sets to overcome such. All is needed – a professional make-up brush cleaner! Alix Avien Make-Up Brush Cleaning Spray for removing bacteria, dust, dirt, sebum and dead cells from the brushes, is to become an integral part of the make-up cabinet! This brush cleaning spray that has been developed to remove make-up residue, deep cleaning the bristles leaving them soft and shiny.

Gently cleans the bristles of both natural and synthetic tipped make-up brushes thanks to its effective formula. Provides a permanent and prompt cleansing solution without the need for long cleaning phases such as cleaning with water and soap. The spray form facilitates cleansing of the brushes in seconds while penetrating not only the tips of the brushes but also the inner parts. The skin is always safe thanks to Alix Avien Brush Cleaning Spray.

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