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All Over Make-Up Remover


Experience the ultimate convenience with our All Over Makeup Remover Wet Wipes, now in a 30 pack. Ideal for busy days, these wipes efficiently remove makeup from face, eyes, and lips.

The gentle formula, with up to 80% natural origin, cleanses away dirt, impurities, and waterproof makeup without irritation, leaving your skin refreshed in one step. Besides cleansing, these wipes nourish your skin. Infused with natural Squalene and Glycerin, they moisturize and soften, promoting a youthful appearance.

Hydrosella™️ delivers lasting hydration up to 72 hours, enhancing skin health and elasticity. Boost your skin’s radiance and tone with Apricot Kernel Oil, rich in Vitamins E and A. This oil shields against environmental damage, reduces fine lines, and improves clarity. Packaged for convenience, these biodegradable wipes are perfect for travel, keeping your skin radiant and healthy on the go.

  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Paraben and Gluten free.
  • Waterproof formula.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested.
All Over Make-Up Remover CLEANSING

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